Side Effects During Radiation

Every patient has a different and unique experience based on the diagnosis and amount of radiation being received. Please keep in mind, each patient may have none, all, or some of these side effects.

Side Effects

These are considered ACUTE side effects. Your radiation therapy will be delivered in daily fractions over several weeks. Most side effects are predictable and expected. These side effects are usually limited to the area that is being treated.

Below is a list of side effects that may occur during your radiation treatment:

Figure 1: Possible side effect during radiation
Figure 2: Possible side effect during radiation
Figure 3: Possible side effect during radiation

The dental clinic will book a check-up appointment to see you mid-radiation. Yes, we understand you will be sore and uncomfortable, but, we won’t be completing any treatment. This appointment will just be a check-up.


During radiation, no dental treatment will be completed. But, there are some things you can do to help with some of the acute side effects:

  1. Use the mucositis rinse prescribed by your oncologist
  2. Regular rinsing with baking soda solution
  3. Sometimes, you may be placed on an antifungal medication